Disciplinary Investigations (104)

Visión General

This training covers part of the process from the time a worker comes to you as a steward with discipline, through your investigation, and ultimately your decision whether a just cause grievance is appropriate.  Should have completed Representation (102) and The Contract (103) or equivalent experience prior to this training.  Grievances & Settlements (201) as the next training in the Enforcement Series.



Sección Equipo Los resultados del aprendizaje Recursos
Bienvenida 5 Minutos Introductions, Code of Conduct, Logistics CÓDIGO DE CONDUCTA
Disciplinas 10 min What is a discipline in your contract? Does your contract have a just cause provision?  Progressive Discipline?  
Revisión de la guía 15 min When a worker gets a discipline, how do you use the Guide to assess whether to file a grievance, or not? This Guide covers a map of the investigation process, disciplinary information requests, and more. Disciplinary Investigations (104) Guide
Ejercicio 60 min Share scenario and work through it using the Guide.  Report back to group whether you decided to file a grievance and what your key arguments will be. Disciplinary Investigations (104) Guide


Pre-Dismissals (Public Sector Only) 30 min How does a steward prepare for pre-dismissal meetings? Disciplinary Investigations (104) Guide