Publicado: Diciembre 6, 2019

“I always knew I loved helping people,” says Pam Milkovich, a homecare and personal support worker from Salem. “I started off in homecare as a paid family caregiver for my grandmother. I got my provider number in 2016, left my job at Walgreens and began the hardest and best job I’ve ever had.”

“I was raised a union kid. I always heard about the union. One day, when two women came to my cousin’s door (she’s a care provider, too) I filled out a membership application,” she continued.

It’s important to Pam that homecare and personal support workers join together in Union. “I absolutely need to be a member and pay my dues, because the team that is in place is invaluable…our union team,” said Pam. “My union trains up leaders, gives me a voice…and more importantly the courage to use my voice. I’m finding the strength in numbers.”

When she’s not working or participating in union activities, Pam loves to take photos and spend time with her grandchildren and family.