Publicado: Abril 16, 2019

On April 10 & 11* our elected State Worker Central Table bargaining team dug into the proposals that we have exchanged with management over the past few weeks. Though economic proposals have to wait until the budget is set by the Legislature, we are starting to work on non-economic issues that members raised in bargaining surveys and meetings throughout the state. Siga este enlace para ver los resultados de nuestra encuesta de negociación estatal.

You may have heard that PERS is, once again, under attack. Last week the Governor announced a plan to pay down some of the PERS unfunded liability and shift some of the costs to employees. 503 Executive Director Melissa Unger says the current plan “places too much of the burden on public employees. [It] represents a broken promise to members who do their jobs every day and expect the State to hold up its end of the deal.” While it’s too early to know which proposals will gain traction, we encourage everyone to write their legislators and the Governor to let them know what a cut to retirement would mean for you and your family. Haga clic aquí para enviar un correo electrónico a sus legisladores.

No importa lo que suceda con el PERS, lo más importante que podemos hacer para asegurarnos de que ganemos los aumentos que merecemos en la mesa de negociaciones es aprobar una reforma de ingresos real para nuestro estado. Asegúrese de inscribirse en el evento de mayo 20th United para un mejor rally de Oregon.



* You can find March 28’s update on wages & benefits with side-by-side proposal comparisons aquí.