SEIU 503 y The Avamere Family of Companies están trabajando juntos para proteger a los empleados en las instalaciones de cuidado a largo plazo de la compañía en Oregon. 

Como se informó en The Oregonian:

“Under the agreement, Avamere said it will communicate with workers about potential risk or exposure to COVID-19 and the company will pay workers who cannot report to work because of a confirmed case of the disease. The company also agreed to create a pool of paid time off for employees to use before tapping their own leave. Employees who are unable to report to work due to child care issues stemming from the virus can draw on the pooled time-off bank. The company also agreed to follow state and federal public health guidelines for providing personal protective equipment to its employees provided the materials are available.”

Otros hogares de ancianos en Oregon necesitan seguir este modelo.

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In order to ensure that Oregon’s seniors are safe and to protect workers on the frontlines of COVID-19, it’s critical that other nursing homes in Oregon follow the example set by Avamere. Haga clic aquí para firmar la petición hoy..